There is a man called darkness
He seems a friendly face
Handing out gifts and good feelings
His is a clean path to trace

He calls to you calmly,
In your heart, he whispers
Tall tales of temptation,
Each drawing you closer

Your deepest desires
Promising dreams made real
Just eat of this apple
Ah, the things you will feel

Where in your heart
Does your weakness lie
In fantasies of women or
In your blood, keeping you high

He seems a friendly face
Yet in weakness he feeds
And pain is his taste

So cast out your lust
Sacrifice one smile
In truth there is love
And love last a while

Where will you wise
And make your stand
Truth lives without lies
Be a truthful man

Have the strength to endure
Live to choose life
Seek sanctity in sanity
We warriors, we fight

For any man who breaths
And taste of his sin
Will fall to darkness
If empty within

Fill your heart with truth
Cast weakness aside
Live to love yourself
Selflessly love life

For the family you left
The years they have cried
This is not just your cross to bare
So live and love life!