I find I am forsaken
less then I forsake them
I smile at the endless chatter
Seems their lives no longer matter

I tare my skin and bleed
As I stand alone
I have crawled on my knees
Cold as I have grown

I smile as they weep
So sorrowful should I be
I have forsaken them
To see their eyes bleed

Guilt has no place
In a house of blackened souls
Take your guilt and peace with you
My heart has grown cold

Expect nothing from me
I give little and take all
A slide of hand beneath you
I wont be there when you fall

A sad song, an unhappy ending
Stop trying to change me!
I’ve been here since the beginning
In the shadows you couldn’t see

Cast down to find.
I cut my wings and fire my feet
My halo is simply a sign
of what I can no longer be

My eyes tell lies
So dear girl stop believing
Disreguard what you have seen
The good, my will, I keep within.

A smile for tears
Laughing at your innocence
My guilt, my love, my fear
I choose ignorance