With those you knew best
You struggled life’s journey
Leaving all the rest
With feelings so weary

With much the same goals
Beside each other
Born of different blood
Still we were brothers

None easier to love
We were horses untammed
Together we strut
Reputations we famed

Putting fear in other boys
All the while becoming men
Leaving behind our toys
Together, we shall play again

You’ve seen me weak
Broken, confused
Still, You helped me see
What was yet to loose

Heartache we’ve known
Cried beside each other
Keeping us strong
Our two bastard brothers

With drunken nights
Men challenging our stead
For each other we fight
Forever busting heads

Was not simply a life
We shared here, together
two wars we Survived
Brother we are bonded together

The only fault I found in you
Lives today in me
One decision to fight
On the shores of an eternal sea

I’m so mad now my friend
At life and it’s death
Let me take your place
Come live again

I can carry your load
Brother I stand willing
Pass me your pain
God damn these feelings

You bleed no more
Your tears run dry
My brother, sweet brother
No reasons now to cry

Warriors we were
Freedom we craved
Your war is over now
Brother be free, brother be brave!