let me tell you something son
about who your daddy is
so rough around the edges
oh, where to begin

mistakes hes made so many
but with you he got it right
unplanned, unexpected maybe
but he’ll often say, “that boy saved my life”

for so long, so wreckless
you could say he lost his way
but when you’re walking behind him
he knows he has to walk straight

some people would call him a hero
for doing what any man should
son your daddy is no hero
Just wants to say he did what he could

He holds inside things
He should get out and let go
And talks too often
About his chosen broken road

In him you will always find
A man trying to be just “a man”
A sound piece of mind
Reasons to stand

Your daddy son is humbled
By a glance in your eyes
For God to choose him to raise you
He will always wonder why

Decisions are easily made
Remember this as you grow
Its how you choose to decide
In which your character will show

He prays to choose right
When Its you on the line
To keep you safe and teach you
To be strong, to be kind

A stronger will than he
A wiser soul indeed
If just one thing to pass on
The piece in you, The best in me.