Once broken its never the same
pieces of a picture whole
bringing about feelings unwanted
disturbing an uneasy soul

The facade he gives the world
a man with pride and compassion
a facade to win over a girl
who hardly deserves a chance with him.

But his heart is blackened, bruised
his feelings so deeply suppressed.
he prays to God, there is a God
because only God could know him best

Confused by his emotions
a path, still to chose
he may have lost it all
but he has it all left to lose

Broken mirrors reflect him best
in pieces of picture whole
its not his choice to deceive them
only a result of an uneasy soul

the greater good, the lesser evil
a disaster of emotionless thoughts
he holds well his pieces together
and shows the world only his facade

he looks down at his hands
finds them clinched for confession
he mumbles without control
a quiet prayer for redemption

—-“lies, lies, more lies
what lies here in my soul,
these lies my heart disguised
i will lie and pray them gone…

…God take this pain today
i beg to suffer no more
she has taken my truth away
love that girl, hate that whore…

…Her smile, her eyes, her words, only lies
bittersweet to know the the truth
bring me smiles and make me blind
take me back to ignorant youth…

…My affliction, this addiction
held at bay
a reason to please them
I just don’t know what to say…

…She’ll soon come to me,
down on two knees
seeing the mistakes she made
as she begs saying pretty please

crying, as I shake my head, and walk away”