I’m a miserable heap of success As I lay watching the late sun rise

I can’t even be the best of who I am

So I search for reasons to be alive
I’m a perfect example

of what happens when

One falls dying, finding peace

on a needless bloody battlefield
I was happy and content,

breathing my last breathe

Life seemed much harder

Than surrendering to death
I still remember him saying

“Sgt you’ll be alright”

Yelling give me morphine

I pulled his face down to mine
I botched the Lord’s Prayer

I relayed my last goodbyes

Thought I’d find heaven or hell

Looking into a young hero’s eyes
Now I live in eulogy of

The man I one was

Deceiving those who love me

I died there in a pool of my own blood
I wasn’t fighting to live,

I was fighting to let go

But when they fight to keep you alive

You wake up broken and alone