How do the ties that bind
Fit you tonight
With expectation in your heart
And disappointment in you mind

You’ve come too far
To turn back now
The who, what, when, where, why
Only missing the How

Truthful claims for sale
Only costing your heart
Truth, a clever bail
When guilt crashes so hard

Your circumstances circumvent you
A commitment, a covenant
You can’t rearrange truth
Nor can you covet it

So don’t stop now
Soon it’ll be too late
The ties that bind
Constrict and break

Words spoken prematurely
Actions so selfish
Bound in truth
Bound to fail it


Let he who is without sin

Cast the first stone

And only he who is

Can bring my soul home


Try to judge me with reason

Find yourself confused

For a man changing with season

Is left with little to lose


So carefully guard your heart

Listen with an open mind

Let not your tongue tangle truth

Every lie spun, will surely unwind


I speak to you softly

Using words well thought

In time my heart will see

What my eyes just could not


If you feel I have deceived you

Let my apology be heard

My intentions will vary

Still a man of my word


Always with fault

Never without conviction

I speak to you now

Seeking only redemption


To those I have loved

Keep dry your eyes

This life is my choice

Not to make you cry


Living life full

Leaves a heart so empty

Only he who is without sin

May ever understand me