wait! stand still now
listen to the sounds
the wind across your brow
the leaves tumbling to the ground

i know you can feel it
see with your eyes closed
what surrounds you?
stand as angels pose

spread open your arms
as you lift your chin
be overwhealmed, be charmed
welcome the peace within

do not worry of tomorrow
know yesterday is all gone
live here, live now
let your dreams be home

coming cool to the touch
with a warming embrace
as you listen with your heart
speak with expressions on your face

this place you have come
is not known to all
only a place to land
when you can no longer fall

the sound you hear
words that matter none
its truth on the breeze
telling whats yet to come

stand still now
work not your mind
make truth of dreams
leave your mistakes behind

from here now on
you will feel your fait
its not a matter of when
just stand still now, wait!